Fluke Connect® software subscription options

Fluke Connect® Measurements

Securely capture and save tool measurements so you can collaborate with your team wherever you are


Included features

  • Collaborate with ease by sharing your data with others with ShareLive™ video calls and emails.
  • Wireless one-step measurement transfer with AutoRecord™ measurements removes the need for clipboards and paperwork.
  • Easily trend and monitor intermittent problems with TrendIt™ graphs, letting the data support your choices.
  • Lock down your data with premier protection from Fluke Cloud™ storage.

Fluke Connect® Assets

Organize your measurements by asset and easily visualize your data in order to prevent or predict failures

Annual commitment required

Additional features

  • Decide where to focus efforts by scanning the most recent status updates on key assets in the Asset Status dashboard.
  • Identify where preventive actions are needed by viewing asset status over time from the Asset Health dashboard.
  • Visualize multiple measurement types, including mechanical, electrical and thermal, in one view, organized by asset, from the Asset Analysis page.
  • Replace wasted time searching for maintenance records with extra time to resolve critical issues before they happen.