Simplify PM Reporting with Fluke Equipment Maintenance Software

Oversee your complex world with a system of software and wireless tools that helps you prevent equipment failure

Fluke Connect® Assets enables maintenance managers to build and sustain successful maintenance programs. Whether you are looking to establish preventive or condition-based practices or simply maximize uptime, you can now do it with minimal investment and setup.

  • Improved collaboration, no matter where you are. Remote issue resolution because your data is easy to access, view and share from anywhere.
  • Visualize multiple measurements, including mechanical, electrical and thermal, organized by piece of equipment.
  • Quick return on investment. Designed for easy installation and setup without involving your IT team.
  • Paper-free, wireless one-step measurement transfer reduces error and recaptures time spent searching for records.

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The only system that saves measurements directly from a test tool to a work order

  • Eliminate data-entry errors by saving measurements directly from the tool and associating it with the work order
  • Prioritize maintenance work orders based on reliable test measurement data specific to the plant asset, use this data to assign the work order to the technician most suited to solve the problem
  • Technicians are provided with actual measurement data right in the work order allowing them to better understand the problem and work instructions
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Get a complete SAAS asset management solution for only $21 per month/user.

Setting up preventive maintenance can be difficult and costly

  • Your team gets up to speed quickly with a tool-to-software system that's so easy your whole team will want to use it.
  • Easily accessible data helps you collaborate better, knowing exactly where your team should focus.
  • Get a complete asset management solution for only $21/month per user with an annual commitment.
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Wireless measurement transfer from tester to software improves reliability and traceability.

Data can be unreliable and hard to trace

  • Wireless measurement transfer reduces error and eliminates mundane data collection so your team can focus on the real work.
  • Data is stamped with time and date, removing uncertainty with data collection.
  • Baseline, historical and current inspection data is all in one place.
Reduce preventive maintenance guesswork with dashboards and straightforward data visualization from Fluke Connect.

Time spent finding data means less time to react

  • Multiple dashboards let you see status overviews without being in front of the equipment.
  • Reduce guesswork as straightforward data visualization reveals gaps in equipment conditions or looming issues.
  • Easily spot anomalies as they emerge; Trend data and compare current state to baselines to quickly identify problems.
Maintenance team safety comes first.  Gather inspection data away from dangerous machinery and reduce risk of injury.

Maintenance team safety comes first

  • Measurements from a safe distance – stay outside of the arc blast zone.
  • Gather inspection data away from dangerous moving machinery and reduce the risk of injury by moving heavy machines to get the right measurements
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